6 Skincare Habits That You Must Incorporate In Your Daily Routine

Skincare is a part of hygiene. We all should have a basic regime in order to keep it healthy and glowing. We often commits some minor mistakes that changes our skin game, big time.
Here are 6 Skincare Habits, you should keep in mind, in daily basis.

6 Skincare Habits

1. Always remove make up before you go to bed

This is a vital step of skin care. removing makeup before going to bed is absolutely mandatory or else your skin will age faster, look dull and have multiple skin issues. Makeup and dust particles will definitely clog the pores making your skin break out into pimples.

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2. Clean your pillow covers, phone cases and phone screens

Most of the time we are an aware of the fact that our pillowcases are also a breeding ground for bacteria. if we don’t wash it often, all the dirt and oil collected from our body, sweat and hair will get transferred to our face, specially on cheeks that will cause pimples.

3. Do not pop your pimples, even if you want to, so bad !

This is a strict no-no. You should not disturb or touch that pimple on your face that will leave a deep scar on your face and removing pimples scars are quite a difficult task.

4. Don’t skip moisturizer even if it feels like you have enough hydration on your face.

Moisturizers are the savior of your skin. Choosing a correct face moisturizer is extremely important as it can break or make your skin. Moisturizers protects the skin barrier and also act as an occlusive to other face products that you have applied prior to moisturizing.

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5. Wear your sunscreen E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y

We are no foreign to the fact that sunscreen is an essential face care that we need. Sunscreen must be applied both indoors and outdoors. Even the big doors and windows in your room does not keep you protected from UV rays. Sunscreen are of three types- Physical, Chemical and Hybrid. Choose your sunscreen accordingly and never ever skip for a day, even on the days we don’t have much sunlight and/or is cloudy or rainy.

6. Wash your hair and your hair products thoroughly

Do you know hair care products clogs your pores and causes pimples ? Next time when you apply your hair care, make sure you don’t touch your face with that same hand and keep your hair neatly tucked away from your face. During your hair wash day, clean your face with face wash after washing off your shampoo and conditioner. The products that touches your face and forehead will clog your pores and cause a break out, if not washed off thoroughly.

So, for now, this is it. I will be back with more tips and tricks of make up and skincare. Toddles ! 😘

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