Arena Breakout – Another FPS Game Like PUBG is Ready to Launch

Arena Breakout into CBT phase in China. Prepare your senses and put in a big bag of spoils.

Arena Breakout is Tencent’s FPS that throws you into a new world full of enemies and conflicts. Full of courage and many weapons, this Android FPS allows you to adjust your targets during each mission.

The 3D graphics in the Arena Breakout are truly amazing and realistic. Using an amazing viewing machine, it is very easy to move the camera and yet you want to try to find all the objects and enemies included on the map. All of these things allow you to navigate through different scenarios with one goal of survival when the enemy falls into fire.


There are landmarks in the Arena Breakout as well as a host of items you can use in the attack. Lots of different bombs or sharp knives allow you to navigate a winding construction corridor or asphalt. There are also many open spaces where tree trunks or rocks will be very helpful whenever you need to hide.

The controls in the Arena Breakout are typical of this type of game.

To go either way, simply tap the play button on the screen. Similarly, on the left are buttons for the action of shooting, jumping, reloading ammo or shooting grenades. In addition, before starting each game, you will always have the opportunity to choose what items you want as part of your arsenal.


During each battle at the Arena Breakout, you will need to be aware of any suspicious movements. If your enemies block you, everything you have collected up to that point will be lost.

Arena Breakout has outstanding exhibitions and a great world to discover, where you can show off your driving skills. Using the best weapons, try to kill each enemy with the aim of surviving an enemy.

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Breakout developers promise large and open maps, and it says in plain text that the enemy may be a bot. When Arena: Breakout was held on CBT, many players just complained that the project would never be released. This is especially noticeable in comments on TapTap. The fire is igniting the release of Lost Light, another cool shooter of mechanics that has been obsolete since the release of PUBG: New State.

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