Best DIY Body Scrub with 5 ingredients from your Kitchen

Introduction :

Body care is equally important as facial care. Most of us skips the elaborate part and continues with soap and water shower routine. With time, the skin of our body looks dull and flaky. One of the easiest way to regain the lost glow is to scrub.

Tip: Always scrub in circular motion and don’t rub it too hard.

If your Body Scrub runs out very fast, even though you exfoliate once or twice (sometimes thrice) a week, keep on reading this article.

Using this Exfoliating Glove is helpful as scrubbing with bare hands, our palms gets all tingly.

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5 DIY Ingredients to make body scrub

✓Rice Powder
✓Oats (not powdered)
✓Sugar (not powdered)
✓Body Wash
✓Baby Oil / Body Oil

✓Salt (optional)- to make it more gritty
✓Essential Oils (optional)
✓Curd/ Yoghurt (optional)
✓Aloe Vera Gel / Orange Gel / Turmeric Gel/ Watermelon Gel (optional)

❌ If you have body acne, then avoid experimental ingredients as it might aggravate your acne.

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Some add on ingredient ideas:

The following are not regular ingredients, but by chance if you have some wasted products that you need to finish up fast, or have no use to you, then go ahead. Add it.

🛀🏻 Add on Product#1:

I had this Onion Hair Conditioner that was so smelly that I couldn’t apply it on my hair, so I mixed it in my body scrub instead. It didn’t cause any harm as it was wash off. I added tea tree essential oil to mask off the onion smell.

Results: The Skin post wash was quite soft.

🛀🏻 Add on Product#2:

I had this big bottle of Hair Serum which was nearing its expiry and it was impossible for me to finish that huge bottle, so I mixed it in my body scrub instead.

Results: Slippery smooth skin as it contained silicone.

🛀🏻 Add on Product#3:

If you have a shampoo that you can’t use on your hair, use it in your body scrub instead of body wash.

Only con: shampoo takes longer to wash off, so you need more water. I think it’s better to use during summers.

Results: Cleanse skin quite well.

🛀🏻 Add on Product#4:

If you have tea leaves lying around that you no longer want to use, or in my case my tea leaves started smelling damp during the monsoons so instead of throwing it away, I added it in my scrub.

Results: Soft scrubbing experience.

🛀🏻 Add on Product#5:

If you have any hair oil/ facial oil that you thought of throwing away, don’t. Add it on your body scrub. I had this big bottle of Parachute Jasmine Hair Oil that I got free while grocery shopping. Nobody used that oil in my house so I utilized it on my body scrub. I also had this Kalonji Oil, Onion Hair Oil, that was nearing its expiry. Added them in my scrub.

❌ Please do not mix all kinds of oil together. I don’t know what reaction it might cause you.

Use one oil at a time, and the quantity of oil depends on your skin type. Dry skin can add more oil, whereas oily skin can add less or skip the oil, all together.

I have used pure coconut oil only once on my scrubs, I didn’t had any reaction. But I avoid that as it is comedogenic and might clog pores.

Method of preparation:

1. Mix Rice Powder, body wash or shampoo, body oil in a container. I use hair mask ka dabba.

2. I keep the mix for 10-12 hours to soak with lid closed.

3. Just before taking shower, I add oats, sugar, tea leaves, essential oil, curd and other ingredients like hair serum or hair conditioner or shampoo.

4. Whip the mixture very well, the more you whip, more fluffy it gets, no need to use electric mixer or blender of sort, just use spoon 🥄

[I would advice to mix the sugar and oats after whipping because whipping melts the sugar. If you will mix sugar and oats before hand, they will melt. Specially, sugar. It will become sticky].

If you want your scrub to be gel like, use shower gels and aloe gels.

If you want your scrub to be creamy, use thick body washes like Dove, Nivea

I shower with baalti mug so, I use 1 cap anti septic liquid on half bucket water to final cleanse.

Products reco: Suthol, Dettol green, the new lavender Dettol, Tri active blue liquid, Savlon, etc.

❌ Do not soak your scrub with conditioner or serum or hair oil because I am unsure how they might react. So avoid pre soaking

❌ Do not add water or let it get in contact with water, then bacteria would start breeding

❌ Do not keep the mixture for prolonged period of time. Mix it and use them all

❌ Do not apply the scrub on your face, on your intimate areas. While applying on your butt cheeks make sure you don’t scrub your cracks with harsh scrubs

Important Tip: Always moisturize your body post a scrubbing session.

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🧖🏻‍♀️Happy Scrubbing ! 🛀🏻


This DIY won’t treat or cure any skin condition.

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