Chemical Hearts Movie Review & film summary

Chemical Hearts Movie Review : 

Movie Name : Chemical Hearts

Year : 2020

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Genre : Romance/Drama

Runtime : 1h 33m

Director: Richard Tanne

Cast: Austin Abrams as Henry Page, Lili Reinhart as Grace Town, Sarah Jones as Sadie, Adhir Kalyan as Kem Sharma, Bruce Altman as Toby, Kara Young as Lola, Coral Peña as Cora, C.J. Hoff as Murray, Jordan Adelman as Student 14, Catherine Curtin as Sarah

Music by: Stephen James Taylor

Produced by: Richard Tanne; Alex Saks

Production companies: Page Fifty-Four Pictures; Awesomeness Films; Big Indie Pictures

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Chemical Hearts Movie Review : Chemical Hearts is about the emotional struggle of teenagers. A boy falling in love with a girl without knowing her story, whereas the girl is struggling with her own emotional baggage of losing her childhood lover in an accident.
Most of our parents did not teach us how to deal with death and loss. We are struggling through the puddles of heart aches and permanent loss without knowing how to overcome those intense feelings.
The girl is facing the same. She lost her limb in that accident along with her childhood lover. Adding to her injury, they were engaged. It is very tough to walk out of that phase of life when you are neither a kid nor an adult, you don’t know what is happening in your head, with your body…the hormones, the chemicals… Hence the name.

There is a story line.. and if I have revealed too much don’t worry. If you watch the movie you will feel completely different. It’s not about the plot of the story.. it’s how the story moves through you, gradual peeling of different emotions. All the best with the experience and let me know how you liked it.



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