How to unlock an android phone without password in 2022, Step by step

We have brought a very useful tool for you. Anticipate a situation when you have forgotten your smartphone password. Password can be of any type like Pattern/PIN/Password. So it is not possible to unlock an android phone without password. In the end factory reset remains as the last option. Which erases all your data like call history, application data, pictures, videos and everything stored in your phone. So, now the question is,

Can I unlock an android phone without password?

Yes, you can unlock your smart phone without password. Finally, we are going to understand the different ways to unlock any smartphone without any data loss.

Q. How to unlock a smartphone with SmartLock feature?

unlock an android phone without password

Ans. Suppose your phone is locked and you have forgotten your password. Now you want to unlock your smartphone with the help of SmartLock feature of the smartphone. In this case, it will help you only if you have ever enabled it ever before. Otherwise it will not do. If you had enabled, let’s see how it helps you. First it recognizes the trusted places you are usually used to visiting. Unlock at that place. In addition, it also unlocks if you are in contact to trusted devices such as Bluetooth devices, WiFi networks that you have set as trusted or have used in the past. Once your smartphone is unlocked, you simply back up your data and then you can reset the phone. This will help you save your data at least.

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Q. How to reset locked smartphone?

Ans. If you are not able to recover your password to unlock the phone. Now you can reset your phone. This will erase all your data. If you had any data in Google Accounts that will not be deleted in the process. So, to perform this activity to reset your smartphone. Follow the given steps.
1. Switch off your phone.
2. After switching off the phone, please press the Volume Up and Down key together with the Power key. Keep holding these three keys until your phone displays the recovery option.
3. Select Wipe data/Factory reset. Volume Up and Volume Down keys will help you to jump up and down and to select just press Power key.
4. You can enjoy after the phone restarts. To get your data back, use the existing Google Account in which you stored the data. If no longer have access to that google account. Then you cannot access your data. But you can use the phone.

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Q. How to unlock an android phone with security questions?

unlock an android phone without password

Ans. It’s as simple as you probably don’t know. Firstly once you enter the wrong password, you see “Forgot Password” on your screen. You are asked to answer the security questions you set while setting the lock screen password. If you answer them correctly, you are asked to set a new password. Hope it’s easy.

Q. How to reset your lock screen password with Gmail account?

unlock an android phone without password

Ans. Just by entering wrong input, the verification screen remains the same but it adds new link “Forgot Password”. Click there and it will ask you to confirm your recovery email address if you had set it at the time you set up the lock screen password. After that, it will send you an OTP on our email after correct OTP verification. You are asked to set a new lock screen password. It’s very easy.

Q. How to reset password for Samsung/Redmi/Vivo phone?

Ans. There are a few more options apart from these smartphones you read above. Like it also provides facility to reset your lock screen password using their account. For example, Samsung account, Xiaomi account, etc. You simply validate the account and it allows you to set a new password for your lock screen.


We would recommend that you set easy security questions while setting your phone password. Also please provide recovery email in case you forget lock screen password. It is super easy and useful. This process never lets your data be erased.

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