Skinformation : The Beauty Behind The World Of Skincare

Skinformation: What Is Up Readers! I am brimming with enthusiasm, to introduce you all to the world of skincare. Today, I will be sharing some information about our skin, i.e. Skinformation.

So let’s make it enjoyable, shall we ?

Fun Facts

  • Skin is the largest organ of our body
  • It helps in detecting and regulating body temperature
  • It covers our whole body by protecting the muscles, nerves and internal organs of our body
  • Our skin is responsible for 15% of our body weight
  • The thickest skin is under our feet and the thinnest are the eye lids
  • Our skin constantly shreds dead cells (30,000-40,000 cells every minute) Yup you heard it right !

The layer of skin that we can see is called the Epidermis. It is waterproof and creates a barrier.
Our skin tone is reflected on Epidermis.
Most of the time, skin is the indicator of internal health.

Types Of Skin

We often wonder what type of skin do we have.

Skin Types are generally classified into:

  • Dry
  • Oily
  • Combination (Dry cheeks and oily T-Zone)

Know Your Skin Type

To know your skin type, perform this small observation.
Wash your face with a facial cleanser and leave your skin as it is for 1-2 hours without applying anything.

☞ If your whole face becomes oily, your skin type is Oily
☞ If only the nose, chin and forehead becomes oily, then your skin type is Combination
☞ If the skin is stretchy, then it’s Dry Skin type

If you don’t see any of the changes above happening to your skin, that might probably mean your skin type is normal (and you’re lucky).

Basics Of Skincare

With growing years, our skin ages. Taking care of the skin is important for it to stay healthy. Your skin regime could be lengthy or short, but make sure you incorporate something towards the care,. make it a habit, a lifestyle.

(BTW, Skincare Regimen means the steps and order of the skincare you apply on your skin everyday).

Skincare regimes are subjective and depends from an individual to another.
Some prefers 10 steps application or some prefers just a moisturizer.

Whatever, you prefer, just make sure, you wash and clean it everyday. A healthy skin is the gateway to a healthy life.

Toodles! 👋

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