Bengali Movie Tasher Ghawr Review & film summary

Bengali Movie Tasher Ghawr Review

Movie Name : Tasher Ghawr

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Year : 2020

Genre : Drama

Initial release: 3 September 2020

Director: Sudipto Roy

Cast: Swastika Mukherjee as Sujata

Production company: Chilekotha Films

Bengali Movie Tasher Ghawr Review: We all have seen the tiger hunting its prey in National Geographic. The cunning feline moves stealthily yet calculative towards the meek. Meanwhile, a masculine commentary keep us alive with tit bits. We know what will be the ending of the hunt. It will get it or miss it yet we still watch with outmost passion. This movie was somewhat like that but the opposite. Here the hunter gets hunted. It was undeniably evident what was coming next. She is going to or will not kill him yet the smooth breeze of Sudipto Roy’s direction kept us glued.

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The commentary of the protagonist was what made everything came alive.
I am satisfied with the character development here. I wouldn’t want to know more about her.
May be that’s what we all have become now.
Hurriedly judging even though we have nothing else to do or nowhere to go.

The writing was impeccable. The description was astounding. You might be wondering I jumped onto the conclusion very quick. Then let me explain. The olfactional knack is something I possess too. So it was relatable on to a personal level.

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Sudipto covered so many topic within 45 mins:
domestic violence,marital rape, extra marital affair, miscarriage, depression, loneliness, personality disorder, murder to an extent psychopathy (yes the main character was a psychopath)
The whole story smelled of feminity (not feminism).
The writing smelled like ghurir manja, ektu edik odik kintu sharp.
The concept smelled like egg poach.. ektu kacha gondho tao khawar ichhe boro.
The acting smelled like pujor notun jama. Exciting.

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