Today’s Wordle 268 Answer March 14, 2022

If you’re having problem to find Today’s Wordle 268 Answer, I’ve got a solution that will give you a proper solution of this puzzle for the day.

Short Description

Wordle is a recently released word game that has attracted people’s attention! If you’re still unaware of this game read here. Every day, people try to find a way to solve the puzzle. Although the game is simple enough, it can be a challenge when the word is not clear or just something you do not know at all. If you are wondering what will be the Today’s Wordle 268 Answer, I will be giving you in this guide!

Where to play?

Each day Wordle will challenge you with a new puzzle. You get a chance to break it up by visiting the official Wordle website after midnight local time. This means that no matter where you live in the world, you will have a new puzzle waiting for you as soon as 12am!

Hints of Today’s Wordle 268

If you would like to get tips on complexity, here are some hints that will give you an idea about today’s Wordle 268 answer :

  • Of course wordle 268 is a five letter word, which is having SM in the beginning.
  • So, what will be the word with SM? is it Smile?
  • Oh no! there is no M in that word. The third letter is E.
  • After guessing so many words at last I came to an End and found the correct answer of Today’s Wordle 268.
  • And the Word is SMELT

Definition of Smelt

smelt (verb) extract (metal) from its ore by a process involving heating and melting.

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