What is e-SIM Card? Pros. and Cons. of this upcoming future technology

What is e-SIM Card?

e-SIM is a short form of embedded SIM. In this format, the SIM will be part of the phone’s hardware. As the days go by Technology becomes more and more advanced. As a result, our standard of living improves. One-to-one discovery in the tech world amazes the world. A few days ago, Google announced that it would no longer have a SIM slot on their Android phones. This surprised many.

How To Communicate?

They suggest using e-SIM on Android phones. At the same time, one to five SIM cards can be used in the e-SIM. As a result, SIM space is for sale on Android phones; You will also save on the cost of purchasing multiple SIM cards.

Grameenphone e-SIM will be launched in India. Grameenphone e-SIM is available in three forms – prepaid (Nishchinto), Postpaid (My Program), Migration (Prepaid and Postpaid). It is estimated that e-SIM usage will increase to 3.4 billion worldwide by 2025. Initially, the Grameenphone e-SIM can be used on certain models of iPhone, Samsung, and Google Pixel.

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Let’s Find Out What E-SIM Is And Its Pros And Cons.

What is e-SIM Card?

E-SIM is the visual SIM installed on the phone. The full e-SIM name is the Embedded Subscriber Identity Module. It does not look like a portable SIM card. When you buy an e-SIM, it will do all the work including calling and messaging. But you should not keep it on the phone. Works on air through telecom companies.


Great advantage of having an e-SIM Card is if you change SIM company, you do not need to change the SIM card. Even if the phone gets wet, there will be no problem with this SIM. As there is no problem opening it often, there is no risk of damage to this SIM.

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There are a few potential downsides for e-SIMs, however.

It is not as easy as quickly changing devices. In the meantime, if your handset is out of order you can easily remove the SIM and insert it into another phone, saving your number and contact details (if your contacts are stored on SIM).

“There is no place for me to hide.” You also can’t remove e-SIM from the device, which can be considered bad if you have concerns about your tracking movements. But this can also be beneficial as it means that phone thieves cannot easily hide the location of a stolen phone.

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