What is up Readers? – Welcome to Our World

What is up Readers?

Welcome to our world. With this new chapter of our life, we, the team of ‘What is up’ wishes you all, a very happy and prosperous new year, 2022.
May you have whatever you’ve dreamt of, may you travel to new places, meet new people and taste various cuisines.
Hope whatever path you choose, gives you peace. Hope you get the closure you always deserved. Hope your path never crosses with the devil.

We all have been under quarantine for far too long, let’s pray that the evil virus vanishes from the face of the earth for good and we all go back to our normal regular self. The life where we walked anywhere, anytime with anybody, the life where we did not lose our close ones, the life where we could hug someone without wearing any mask, we took that life for granted.

But now, our world is confined to the screen you’re looking at. Let’s utilise that to the fullest because why not?

So, let’s dive into what you would be seeing and reading here.

We present you with News, Hobbies, Deals, Discount Codes and Discounted Links, Make Up Reviews, Skincare Reviews, Health & Wellness, Music, Movies, Web Series, Docu Series and TV Show Reviews, Photography, Sports, Gossips, Games and many more.

Take care of your health. Always wear your mask, carry your sanitizer and don’t litter. This is a reminder to recycle and reduce wastage. Our Earth is one of a kind, harming her is equivalent to harming ourselves. think of your future, your next generation’s. Reduce plastic consumption. Avoid using one time use plastics. Save the marine, save the air. Save our planet.

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See you here soon !

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