Wordle : Here is everything you must know about this Viral Game

Introduction :

Hey readers, how are you all? I hope you’re doing good whatever you’re doing right now and I’m assuming that by this point you have probably heard of a world called ‘Wordle’. But what the hell is the Wordle stands for? Is it something to eat or is it something to watch?

Have you spent any time on Twitter recently? Did you see all those posts that contain yellow, green, and gray boxes? Yes, that is Wordle.


What is a Wordle?

So, Wordle is basically a daily word game that you can find online by clicking here. Fun, easy and, like crossword puzzles, can only be played once a day. In Every 24 hours there is a new word of the day, and it is up to you to investigate what the correct word is. The site which is running the game itself does a pretty good job of explaining the rules:

how to play wordle

Wordle gives players six opportunities to guess a five-letter randomly selected word. As shown above, if you have the right letter in the right place, it looks green. The correct letter in the wrong place indicates yellow. The missing word in any place indicates gray matter.

You can enter a total of six words, which means you can enter five hot words where you can learn tips about letters and their placement. Then work from the bottom of the list eliminating issues that aren’t worth the fight. Or you can try to work out and guess the name of the day in three, two or one trips.

Who is the Creator of Wordle?

Wordle is the work of software developer Josh Wardle, who created the game for his colleague, a fan of word games, and told the BBC it would never be full of ads. People who are heavily connected to the Internet may remember Wardle as the creator of Place, a wild collaborative art project / community experiment that sent the internet to tizzy in April 2017.

At the end of January, creator Josh Wardle sold Wordle to the New York Times for a “seven-figure low.”

Wardle noted that “his game has grown a lot bigger than I thought” and added that he is “just one person.”

The game will eventually become part of the New York Times subscription puzzle service, but Wardle makes sure Wordle remains free to play and that current streaks will be saved on the go.

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So, what’s the Big Deal about this game?

Yes, it is a game of words. But it’s extremely popular now-a-days : More than 300,000 people play it every day, according to The New York Times. That thunderstorm may sound confusing, but there are a few details that have caused everyone to regret it.

There is only one Word In a day:

This creates a certain level of structure. You only get one shot in Wordle. If you lose, you have to wait until tomorrow to get a brand new puzzle.

Everyone is guessing the Exact same Word:

This is important, as it makes it easy to ping your friend down and discuss the mystery of the day. “Today has been difficult!” “How did you go?” “Did you get it?” Which brings us to the next point …

Very easy to share result:

Once you have successfully completed or failed a day puzzle, you are invited to share your Wordle day trip. When you tweet a photo, it looks like this …

Note that the name and characters you selected are hidden. All that shows is your journey towards the name in a series of yellow, green and gray boxes.

It’s very compelling. If you find it easy, maybe in the second or third attempt, there is something exciting about it where you have to show your fans how smart you are and share it.

If you get it on the skin of the teeth in the sixth go, that’s cool news. But most importantly, the puzzle itself is not damaged.

So Wordle is not just a word game, it is a conversation starter and an opportunity to show off on social media. That’s why it gets infected.

That’s all for today. I will try to share everyday word hint for this addictive game ‘Wordle’. Keep reading.


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