Basic Facts about Menstruation and Menstrual Cups

Menstruation (commonly known as periods), is refers to the vaginal bleeding when uterus sheds it’s lining, that occurs monthly, due to the changes in hormones. The blood from menstruation is partly tissues and partly blood.

Sanitary napkins are widely used all over the world as go to period product. Some use tampons too. But the recent revolutionary product introduced to Indian market is menstrual cups. It is a silicon cup that needs to be inserted into the vagina which holds the blood for about 10-12 hours. It is an easy way to control and get on with daily life style.

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FAQs about Menstrual Cups

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✓ Which size should I choose?

• Small: if you are a teenager and/or have never had sexual intercourse and/or under the age 30 and/or have never delivered a baby vaginally.

• Medium: if you are heavy built and/or plus size and/or under the age 30 and/or have never delivered a baby vaginally.

• Large: if you have delivered a baby vaginally and/or over 30 and have extremely heavy flow.

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✓ How often should I change?

Most of the brands claims up to 12 hours of protection. I would personally recommend that for night. During the day, every time you shower or freshen up, try to empty and wash the cup before re-inserting.

✓ How to wash the cup?

Wash your hands first. Then use lukewarm water and the liquid cup cleaning wash provided with the pack to clean. Wash it the same way every time you take it out.

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✓ Should I sanitize the cup with sanitizer or any sanitizing spray?

A sanitizer contains isopropyl alcohol with concentration more than 60% and it will heavily disrupt your vaginal environment causing serious health hazard.

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✓ Can I use a sanitizer that claims to have no alcohol in it?

Again no.
A normal vaginal pH level is between 3.8 and 4.5, which is moderately acidic. Whatever a sanitizer claims to be, it will disrupt the vaginal floor causing itching, infections and other serious health hazard as it is not meant for intimate use.
That is the reason in most of the products, the disclaimer reads ‘external use only’ that means it is not meant for areas that acts as a passageway leading inside the body like vagina, rectum, eyes, nose, mouth or ears.

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✓ Does it hurt while inserting the cup?

It hurts slightly but not severely painful. The insertion process should be slow and smooth.
Do not wrestle with the cup, you might end up hurting your vag.

✓ Do you feel any discomforts while walking or sitting?

To be honest, first 30 mins you will feel uncomfortable and can sense something is down there but the feeling will slowly fade once you stop thinking about it.
Move on with your chores.
Do not overthink.

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✓ What if it feels painful after insertion and the pain doesn’t go away?

The first few times will be uncomfortable but not painful. If it pains, you need to take the cup out wait for some time (say 15-20 mins) and re-insert it.
It is not suppose to pain. If it does then something is not right.
Also, it is not suppose to burn or itch. If it does, the cup has been contaminated.

✓ Does it feel like it is going to fall down and splash blood all over?

But I thought of it too as I have over imaginative brain. Wear comfortable well fitted panties offcourse !!!
It will not slip down if inserted properly.

✓ Do I need to take out the cup every time I pee?

Pee and period blood don’t exit from the same hole. Urine exits from the urethra while period blood discharges from the vagina.
So, you need not have to take out the cup every time you pee.

On topic fact: why can we control urine but not period blood?

Urine exits from the urethra which has sphincters so can be controlled while period blood exits from the vagina which does not have sphincters so cannot be controlled.

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Period is normal. Don’t make it a taboo anymore.
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