5 Steps Of Winter Skincare During The Night : PM Routine

What is up Readers?

Skincare During The Night : In the last article I wrote about the steps of winter skincare during the day – Read Here , now it’s time to share the evening routine.
Evening routines are a bit lengthy than the AM care because it’s the time when you clean off the dirt, relax and kick all the tiredness.

Fun Fact:

Skincare steps are divided into AM and PM. AM means the care we take during the day, and PM means the steps we do at night before going to bed.

PM Routine Step 1: Oil Based Double Cleanse

Double cleanse is advisable, to clean off all the dirt, make up and sunscreen that you’ve applied during the day. Double cleanse is generally oil based cleansers, make up removing balms and oils. Linking some good make up removing balms and oils below:

Some makeup cleansing oil and balm recommendations:

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm
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The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil
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Suganda Squalane Cleansing Oil
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Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Oil
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DHC Beauty Deep Cleansing Oil
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TRue FRoG Cleansing Gel
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PureSense Macadamia Face Cleansing Oil
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Earth Rhythm Makeup Cleansing Balm
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Earth Rhythm Makeup Cleansing Balm with Propolis
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Palmer’s Coconut Monoï Facial Cleansing Balm
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Quench Botanics Mon Cherry Dirt Dissolving Cleansing Balm
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Plum Hello Aloe Gentle Cleansing Lotion
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SUGAR Cosmetics Coffee Culture Cleansing Balm Stick
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Colorbar Cosmetics My Go-To Partner Makeup Remover
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PM Routine Step 2: Water Based Cleanser Wash

After using oil cleanse, clean you face with a water based cleanser. This is a good practice of Skincare During The Night.

Some cleanser recommendations:

Dermavive Hydra Cleanser

Minimalist 2% Salicylic Acid Face Wash for Oily Skin

Cosrx 150ml Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

The Face Shop Cleansing foam

Suganda Colloidal Oat, PHA, Calendula, Panthenol Hydrating Cleanser

PM Routine Step 3: Exfoliation (once or twice a month)

Exfoliating is the key to keep the skin healthy and glowing but the trick is, not to go overboard. Over exfoliation is a thing and it ruins the skin causing irritation, break outs, rashes and damages the skin barrier. So keep exfoliation under check and do it once a month. Twice maximum in rare cases and not more.

Some exfoliator recommendations:

Minimalist AHA 25% + PHA 5% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

The Derma Co 15% AHA + 1% BHA Beginner Face Peeling Solution

Plum 10 % AHA + 5% PHA + 0.5% BHA Exfoliating Peel

Chemist at Play 10% Lactic Acid (AHA) + 1% Hyaluronic Acid Exfoliator

Dr. Sheth’s Medium Strength Peel (Vegan) with 15% AHA + 2% BHA for Deep Exfoliation

Dr. Sheth’s Liquorice & 8.8% Lactic Acid (AHA) Peel

PM Routine Step 4: Masking (once or twice a week)

Masking is an art of relaxing. Apply any washable mask on your face leaving the eye and lip area and you end up with rejuvenated skin and mood. Try masking once a week. Don’t do it everyday, it will end up making your skin dull. Be careful with mud masks. They might look innocent but some are really powerful ones that suck out dirt efficiently. Over use of those mask, will end up in sucking off all your natural oils that will either give you dry skin or the oil production on your face will work over time, giving you zits and more oily skin. Also, do not mask and exfoliate on the same day.

Some face mask recommendations:

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask EX [Original]

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask_2X

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask [Cica]

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask [Brightening]

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask [Purifying]

Plum Chamomile & White Tea Glow-Getter Face Mask

POND’S Bright Beauty Mineral Clay

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

The Body Shop Mask Face Tea Tree Oil

PM Routine Step 5: Toner

Toner is said be a blessing in disguise. Those who tends to avoid toners in your routine, is seriously missing out on a major part. This is not a FOMO push to make you buy a product but seriously toners work in various ways. For starters, it increases the hydration of your skin. Choose any hydrating toners and you would know the difference from the very first use. Personally, I love toners because it decreases the use of other skincare products. If you have a layer of toner on your face, your skin will automatically reduce sucking huge amount of serums, and moisturizers. And thank me later for the glow.

Some toner recommendations:

Minimalist PHA 3% Alcohol Free Face Toner

SNP Peptaronic Hydrating Toner

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Clear Lotion

Chemist at Play Hydrating Face Toner with Ceramides

The Body Shop Hydrating Vitamin E Toner

PM Routine Step 6: Serum / Essense

Serum and essences are used to target particular issues that our skin is facing ATM.

Some serum and essence recommendations:

Minimalist Pure Rosehip Oil with Vitamin C Face Serum

PM Routine Step 7: Sheet Masking (optional)

Sheet masking is an absolutely unnecessary step IMO, and a waste to our environment. The amount of one time use of plastics generates from sheet masks is unbelievable. I will ask most of you to reduce / cut off the use of sheet masks over all. Not a fan and certainly not giving out any recommendations.

PM Routine Step 8: Moisturizer

Many of you might feel like ditching moisturizers after so many steps. You feel that your skin had enough and a moisturizer is not necessary. Then you are wrong. It’s the end game. You need to seal off and lick all the products that you applied. If you don’t, all your work will literally evaporate.

Some moisturizer recommendations:

Cetaphil Moisturising Cream

Minimalist Marula Oil 5% Face Moisturizer For Dry Skin

RE’ EQUIL Ceramide & Hyaluronic Acid Moisturiser Cream


PM Routine Step 9: Sleep Mask / Slugging

Slugging is the process of sealing off all the moisture into your skin by the use of a petroleum jelly which act as an occlusive. On very dry and cold winters, slugging actually helps in maintaining the hydration of your skin. You own jar of Vaseline is enough for this process.

Some product recommendations:

Vaseline Blueseal Petroleum Jelly

MaxRich YU Daily Use Cream For Effective

Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel

And thus ending my Skincare During The Night here. Take care of your skin. Drink water.
Toodles, Good Night!! 😴

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